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The Guest House Resident Who's Been Living Rent-Free for 17 Months

Imagine being able to live rent-free for over a year in a guest house in one of the bustling cities of the United States. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, for Elizabeth Hirschhorn, this fantasy became a reality when she stumbled upon Sascha Jovanovic's guest house in Atlanta. Little did Jovanovic know that Hirschhorn would become a long-term guest and still be living rent-free 17 months down the line.

Elizabeth Hirschhorn's story with Sascha Jovanovic began as a six-month stay in his guest house. But things took a turn down the road when the guest house needed some repairs just a few months into her stay. This led to some tension between Hirschhorn and Jovanovic, which ultimately led to the extension of her stay beyond her agreed Airbnb reservation.

When things went south, Jovanovic was hopeful that Airbnb would step in and help him resolve the situation. Unfortunately, as their agreement was unofficial, Airbnb couldn't help Jovanovic with the matter. The guest house didn't have the right permits, which made the situation all the more complicated.

According to Jovanovic, he is now in a fix trying to find a legal reason to evict Hirschhorn from his guest house. But as of now, he has been unsuccessful, and Hirschhorn continues to live in the guest house without any strings attached.

What's even more perplexing is that Hirschhorn has a history with similar situations. According to a report in Curbed, she had a similar arrangement with another Airbnb host earlier, which led to a legal battle when she didn't leave after her reservation ran out.

The story of Elizabeth Hirschhorn raises questions on the Airbnb platform's regulations on long-term stays and the absence of permits for guest houses. As Hirschhorn continues to live rent-free, Jovanovic is left trying to figure out a way to legally evict her.

Living rent-free sounds like a dream until all the complications and legal troubles come into play. Elizabeth Hirschhorn's story is a cautionary tale on having an unofficial agreement with your Airbnb host without any legal documentation. It also highlights the need for appropriate permits for guest houses and regulations on long-term stays. While Hirschhorn might consider herself lucky, the legal predicament that Jovanovic faces underlines the importance of clear agreements when renting out space to strangers.


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