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Palm Springs Has More Dispensaries Than 420 Friendly Lodging

Some people are trying to change that.

If you drive down Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs, you'll notice that amongst all the novelty shops selling Birkenstocks, sunglasses, and hats you'll see that one type of retailer is well represented on the tourist stroll. That would be cannabis dispensaries. Which is a good thing in the sense that it brought in close to a million dollars in additional tax revenue to the City of Palm Springs alone. The only problem is that after tourist picks up their wacky tobacky, they have nowhere to consume it.

Although there are a number of cannabis dispensary lounges that allow consumption on the property, many Coachella visitors yearn for a more private intimate setting, in which to enjoy America's new favorite pastime. This is where companies like and HiBNB are hoping to make a difference.

HIBNB is exactly what it sounds like. It is an online marketplace dedicated to growing the cannabis community by providing four pillars of engagement; Stay Hi offers inclusive accommodations, Play Hi is an activities and event ticketing platform, Read Hi editorial covers cannabis news and culture, and Get Hi provides compliant marketing for dispensaries, brands, and products.

Smoke and is a content platform powered by Icon City Entertainment for cannabis news and related musical content and events.

The #SmokeAndSoundPlaylist on Apple Music features the latest smoke-friendly music from signed and independent artists.


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