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Spotlight on the King of the Hotbox Experience: Inside the Insta-Realm of Mr. Puff


Step into the haze-filled ride of creativity and chill vibes with the main man, Mr. Puff, otherwise known as the trailblazing CEO and founder of RidesWithATwist LLC – better recognized in the streets as PuffNRide. This is the dude who's rewriting the rules of ride-sharing, one puff at a time.

The Revolution of Ride-Sharing

Picture this: you order a ride, and instead of the usual silent commute, you enter a world where the vibes are immaculate, and the spirit of 420 camaraderie floods the air. Mr. Puff is no ordinary influencer; he's the visionary pioneer behind the #1 Puff-N-Ride Share Podcast, transforming the mundane into epic tales of travel.

If anyone knows how to fire up the engines of high-flying fun, it's Mr. Puff. His Instagram oozes with the boisterous energy and raw enthusiasm of someone who's taking Philly to dizzying new heights, one ride at a time.

A Community of High Riders

Step into his Insta-world, and you'll find a tight-knit community united by their love for good times and great stories. Mr. Puff's legendary hotbox experiences aren't just about lighting up; they're about lighting up life. Gallant laughter, unforgettable journeys, and satisfaction are guaranteed when you cruise with this captain.

Beyond the rolling smoke and unforgettable ride-alongs, he's a maestro of merch, sending the urban, 420-friendly fashion vibes all over the map. Follow @puffs_merch if you're looking to drape yourself in apparel that speaks louder than words.

Celebrate the High Life

Mr. Puff isn't just an influencer; he's a movement — a cavalier of cannabis culture and the art of the ride. Taking the concept of ride-sharing to stratospheric new levels, each quest is a testament to his motto of "PHL✈️Anywhere," and true to form, his guests never disembark without a story to tell and a smile that'll last the mile.

The KING OF THE HOTBOX EXPERIENCE stands tall, breaking boundaries and serving up slices of life like no one else can. Within each cloud of shared bliss is a promise of fellowship, a wild spin around the block with the tunes turned up and the good times rolling on.

Don't miss the adventures and misadventures, follow Mr. Puff on Instagram, and strap in for the puff n' ride of a lifetime where every road leads to memories that stick longer than the scent of fresh pine.

Also, catch more of Mr. Puff's adventures on YouTube:


Stay tuned for the latest drops, trips, tips, and sizzling pod content straight from the one and only Mr. Puff — PuffNRide ain't just a ride; it's a vibe.


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