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Is Grindr Supporting Anti-Prep Lawyers?

As always there are two sides.

Popular online dating app, Grindr is under scrutiny for allowing a law firm to place an ad that was thought by some to disparage prep, the medicine used to prevent the transmission of HIV. On the latest episode of #FunnyMoneyRockLive, the host discusses the corporate snafu.

Way before our current pandemic, the gay community first began confronting the HIV virus in the late 1980s, and even until this day the fight continues. According to a study from the United Nations, close to a million people died globally. Needless to say, gay rights activists and public health advocates are critical of the ad pictured below that’s soliciting for people who have negative interactions with Truvada, a popular prescription drug used to prevent the spread of HIV. However, there might be room for more than one point of view.

Although the ad placed by the law offices of Pintas and Mullins is typical of ‘ambulance chasers’ as personal injury attorneys are often called if there are significant risks associated with users of the drug mentioned above should that information be more widely disseminated? Still, there is the worry that any discussion about the unintended side-effects of HIV medications would discourage their use and contribute to higher infection rates.

Some of the skepticism for Grindr’s role in this incidence comes after the company was sold from its original gay creator to a foreign investment company. Numerous changes have since occurred delighting some and encouraging others to find alternatives.


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