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Nine Men From Georgia Arrested In Homophobic "Grindr Sting"

Then they proceed to "out them" by posting their pictures in the newspaper.

In the midst of a global pandemic, sheriffs in a rural north Georgian county found the time to set up a sting to trap Grindr users who also use marijuana.

One sheriff Sgt. W. Dereck Johnson created a Grindr account named “Charlie[looking for]420” and started a conversation about sex and offered to host the encounter at a Quality Inn & Suites on Beartooth Parkway in Dawsonville around 60 miles north of Atlanta.

When the man said he had marijuana, Johnson replied, “U share?” The man said he would. Johnson also offered to supply papers to smoke marijuana. 

“I want to get high and fuck,” Johnson wrote.

“Nothing wrong with that,” the man replied.

According to the chat logs the man never offered to exchange the marijuana for sex, but Johnson told a local judge differently, according to a March 4 warrant for the suspect’s arrest. #grindrcrimes

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