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Did Ariana Grande Hold Back On "Oh Santa"?

And let's not forget that Jennifer Hudson did the dam thang.

Mariah Carey is infamously shady to people whom the press has compared her to. From Jennifer Lopez to Christina Aguilera we've all heard the stories. Well as it turns out, 2020 might have actually brought something good to the world after all. World peace among the diva class. Not only did Mariah Carey (kind of) forgive J.Lo for being a pawn in a plot to sabotage her career but she extends the ultimate olive branch to Ariana Grande when she has the latter in her Oh Santa remix. Carey even shares some of the whistle register note withs Grande, but some listeners are wondering if Ari was holding back.

Watch The #FunnyMoneyRock Team Discuss The Iconic Collaboration Below:

On the latest episode of #FunnyMoneyRockLive Anye Elite suggests that Arianna Grande is singing a little less loud in order to stay in the good graces of Carey. Cadence disagreed citing Grander's whispery vocals as more of her brand.

It appears as though a lot of twitter users agreed with Elite on this one.


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