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Mariah Carey's Old Album Is On Top Of Itunes Chart

Guess what album is enjoying a quarantine resurgence.

Everyone knows that Mariah Carey is a national treasure, but sometimes we need a reminder. Your fave could never! (Just Kidding)

E=MC2 the songbird supreme's follow up to her comeback hit Emancipation of Mimi is #1 on the Itunes albums chart. The album came out 12 years ago and unlike Carey's previous efforts "Touch My Body" was the only single from that album to go to #1.

For her part, Mariah is delighted albeit a little confused. She tweeted this morning "What is going on????" when she learned of the achievement.

Even though she doesn't celebrate birthdays, the singer recently turned 50 years old in March. It looks like Mariah still has some surprises up her sleeve.

Mariah Carey Destroys #BottleCapChallenge

Mimi's been having too much fun on social.

Superstar singer Mariah Carey can basically do anything and we'll find it entertaining. So we've totally been living for the "No No" singers recent social media antics. Despite the positive critical reviews, we were worried that M.C. might be reclusive after touring and the album not being a huge commercial success. Alas, it seems like the world and Mariah have adjusted to the new normal and we're the better for it. More Mimi is mo betta!

Yesterday she took a crack at the #bottletopchallenge and it was a hit. The hilarious post (below) garnered shout outs from Carey's' ex Nick Cannon, Busta Rhymes, JoJo and more.

That's not all though. Mariah's also got a new IGTV series called "Moments With Mimi" where she interacts with special guests. Check it out for yourself, cause it may be coming to a tv screen near you.


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