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Look At That Lace Front!

Blac Chyna Serving Looks While Charging Fans For Facetime Calls.

We do not have any beauty experts in-house but we all know they would feel strongly about Blac Chyna's latest doo. Talk about wet and wavy.

While out running errands the Zeus reality star was snapped rocking a bedazzled face mask (we are in the middle of a pandemic after all). Normally that would have been the fashion highlight but something about her hair has us thinking she might be quarantining with her hairdresser.

Of course, that's not the only thing that has her in the blogs as of late. Everyone's struggling to make a buck in this economic downturn especially for people who rely on club appearance and live events for income. To make up for the shorted cash flow Chyna has taken to charging fans $950 for a facetime call and $250 for an Instagram follow.

Would you pay that much to connect with Chyna? What do you think of Chyna's new look?

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