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Amber Ali Says Joseline Is Not Black

Yeah she's problematic but can you take away her black card?

After a pretty uneventful part 1, this version opens with Kidd Capri charging Candy on a Stick. Kidd Capri obviously came to fight in a scully with eyes cut out.

Amber seemed like she came for the action at least that's the message that the editors over at Zeus wanted to convey. Similarly they were careful not to show too much of Ballistics alleged assault of Ali. However, judging by the brief altercation between security and Ballistic and Joseline's anger and commanding them to never touch him. Of course this supports the allegation of some of the contestants that security was defending the show's stars as they allegedly assaulted Ali and others.

Amber Ali Says Joseline Hernandez is not black.

In what appeared to be the continuation of an earlier conversation Joseline defends her "blackness" when she says:

Let me explain something to you I'm a black girl, I was born in a [expletive] spanish island but you see this here color this it...this is black. All them white people and all those foreign people are going to always remind me that I'm what? [Black] So what the [expletive] am I?

Amber retorts with "you don't even speak english". That's when the two get out of their seats. The cast members who are currently touring (the self-proclaimed winning team) also got up to apparently jump Ali.

It all ends when Joseline and Ballistic hop in the car and leave the reunion hosts in the dark. And that was the reunion.

Who's out of line? Amber or Joseline?


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