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Vicki White Dead After Prison Break

Not quite Bey and Jay, but definitely a Bonnie and Clyde story nonetheless.

Correctional officer Vicky White and her boyfriend and alleged murdered Casey White are still evading Alabama law enforcement officers after Vicki broke Casey out of jail late last week.

It was part of a plan.

Although V. White's fellow correctional officers were reluctant to suspect that she was in on Casey White's escape, they were forced to acknowledge the possibility as she lied about taking the inmate to a court proceeding and medical examination that never existed.

Vicki's decision to sell her house for half of its value and the report that inmates cited preferential treatment for Casey at the jail further illustrate the nature of their relationship.

Law enforcement officers caught up with Casey and Vicki White in Indiana. After a high-speed chase Vicki committed suicide and Casey was taken into custody.


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