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Venom Goes Deep In Exclusive Tell-All

Meet the godfearing pornstar.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: In the latest edition of #FunnyMoneyRock (which has been on hiatus for the last 5 months) Anye Elite travels to the "city of brotherly love" to host a book launch for community activist Kevyn Mines.

In the 45 min clip above Elite not only asks Venom/Kevyn what it's like to be an openly HIV-positive man doing raw videos, but he also interviews Venom's publisher JL King an author turned publisher who has to date, published over 100 books by black gay men. However, King's relationship with the black gay community wasn't always positive as his first book was critiqued by black queer activists for perpetuating a negative stereotype for black gay men as being solely responsible for HIV infection rates among African-American women. Although King has largely moved on from the "DL" phenomenon, his book and subsequent appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show are associated with long-standing biases that still exist against black men who have sex with men without explicitly identifying as LGBT. Click below to see Elite ask King about his journey on the topic.

Black gay men were a central theme at the "A Life of Lust" book launch not only did the event originally take place on Juneteenth weekend but the venue is Philadelphia's only black gay-owned bar.

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