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Surviving Joselines Cabaret

Three girls from Season 3 of Joselines Cabaret have their own show now. Introducing Big Lex: Baddies Collection.

(Miami, Florida) It is fair to say that when Joseline Hernandez left VH1's Love and Hip-Hop for an independent streaming service she was making a serious gamble. After three seasons it is safe to say that the bet paid off. Well mostly.

Just last week reports surfaced online that Joseline, her husband "Ballistic" and Zeus Network were being sued by contestants of Joseline's Cabaret Season 3 after a brawl ensued where Ballistic allegedly got physical with one of the dancers and stand out star Amber. When the news broke many were quick to resume pre-existing accusations that Joseline was exploiting and abusing her cast.

Three young ladies are now taking Joseline's formula of uncensored ratchet tv and creating their own opportunity with a new web network. NowThatsTV is very much like Zeus with its low subscription rate of 4.99/mo and is the home of "Big Lex: The Baddie Collection" a competition-style show where like Joseline, Big Lex tries to elevate the status of the contestants( many of whom are down on their luck strippers and sex workers.)

In addition to Big Lex, fellow former Joseline's Cabaret stars Lucky Hustla and Sapphire join the cast as assistant-coach-type support systems for the contestants. Ironically, this trio was the first of the Cabaret ladies to stand up against Joseline. All of the ladies look beautiful and have definitely taken the opportunities provided by Zeus to level up!

Ladies to watch:

1. Fetti Fein

Although Fetti doesn't make herself the center of drama through the first few episodes, she's definitely with it. Her funny down-to-earth vibes definitely make her seem like the best contestant to hang with IRL!

2. Slim Gem

She recently announced that she's not taking bookings anymore so who knows what's next. Other than an episode 1 boxing match she stays clear of the drama.

3. Oh So Pink

Spoiler Alert: She's the winner of Season 1 and probably the loudest in the house! Kinda reminiscent of a young Cardi B. Rumors are already swirling that she'll be appearing on Season 2.

If you're not convinced yet check out the trailer below:

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