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Weed Stocks Are Trending

Despite federal challenges an industry begins to take shape.

According to an article in Yahoo News; early investors in emerging marijuana companies can see quadruple-digit gains!

According to The Motley Fool only two companies have stocks ready for prime time.

Trulieve Cannabis and Planet 13 Holdings are the "green brands" most likely to put "green in your pocket"

About Planet 13:

Although there are only two locations; this company includes a pizzeria, coffee shop, and event center inside it's 112,000 square feet dispensaries!

About Trulieve:

Trulieve is one of a very select few marijuana stocks that's been profitable on a recurring basis for quite some time.

from Motley Fool


Harvest Recreational:

This company just secured a $225 million cash infusion last week.

Med Men:

Although they've been losing money at an alarming rate their status as one of most well known cannabis company may support a comeback.


Icon City has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. This article is not intended to be used as professional investing advice.

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