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Sterling K. Brown Steps In As Pseudo Eddie Long

"Honk For Jesus" makes a sad story funny.

Honk for Jesus is a new film out this week starring This is Us star Sterling K. Brown and Regina King as the pastor and first lady of a mega-church trying to rebound from scandal. Although the names in "Honk for Jesus" are all fictitious it doesn't take much guessing to understand the inspiration for the film.

Eddie Long was the pastor of New Birth a megachurch in Atlanta, Georgia that at its height drew Presidents like Bill Clinton George Bush, and other dignitaries. Similarly Eddie Long himself enjoyed unparalleled financial assets like a private jet and expensive jewelry. Unfortunately for him, it all came tumbling down as sexual misconduct allegations. Now imagine if there was a reality tv film crew following them through the scandal.

Brown's Pastor Lee Curtis Child is obviously more photogenic than the actual Bishop Eddie Long who did consider himself a fitness buff. In fact, it's Sterling's sex appeal and Regina King's comedic chops that make a really sad story about the exploitation of black gay men kind of funny.

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