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My Car Did It!? Drivers Beware Autopilot Not A Legal Defense If Your Car Kills Someone or You!

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Despite the glossy marketing and promises of cars that drive themselves; Drivers are paying the price for vehicle automation mishaps.

As California court filings of false advertising mount against electric car conglomerate Telsa in regards to how it represents it’s “Autopilot” feature. Notwithstanding the misuse of Tesla vehicles by some drivers, #Tesladriversleeping, the court filings are tarnishing Tesla’s reputation in the automation space. Some politicians, like Dan O'Dowd, have been using this particular moment to fight against Tesla by pushing for more regulation for autonomous vehicles. Check out the Ad campaign Dan O'Dowd put out in regards to Tesla's "Autopilot".

With so much uncertainty and confusion when it comes to vehicle automations, Icon City News takes a moment to demystify the 6 levels of self driving automation designated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). ICN will also identify the automation levels currently available to US consumers.

Level 0 : No Drivi