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Reverend Warnock In Danger of Being One Term Senator

Will low enthusiasm amongst Dems doom this once-in-a-generation leader?

(Atlanta, Georgia) It is officially midterm season and all the attention is turning towards congressional races across the country (and the war in Ukraine). Pundits on the right and left predict that Democrats will lose control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate as well. One of the most consequential races will take place in the state of Georgia on May 24, 2022. There Rafael Warnock, the reverend of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Ebenezer Baptist Church, will face off against whoever wins the Republican primary.

Top contenders to take on Warnock include former NFL player Herschel Walker, construction entrepreneur Kelvin King and current Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black. Herschel Walker has the support of former President Donald Trump whereas Gary Black enjoys the support of GOP establishment figures. Regardless of who emerges as the eventual candidate he'll be extremely well funded in a face-off with Warnock.

For his part, Warnock is sounding the warning bells.

With CNN naming him the most vulnerable Democratic senator on the ballot – and the GOP coming after him as its top target for defeat – Rev. Warnock won't be able to win without the full support from our people-powered movement.

Unfortunately, it will take a great deal more than money and votes for Warnock to hold on to his seat. Just as in 2020, there will need to exist Republicans sympathetic to the concept of free and fair elections. The Georgia state legislature doesn't seem to be a good place to start. Just this month Republican legislators began debating the second round of voting laws aimed at controlling outcome outcomes and excluding young people and people of color from the voting process.

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