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Photo: Omari Hardwick & 50 Cent Kiss Causes Hurt Feelings

Because you know how the internet is.

Fans of Omari Hardwick who thought that they could bully the Power actor for posting a picture of a kiss he shared with 50 cent should of thought twice before addressing the actor.

In the photo below, Hardwick can be seen planting a kiss of 50's cheek. The occasion was the awarding of a Hollywood star in honor of Curtis "50 cent" Jacksons long career in music and film.

Some fans took to the comment section to leave homophobic statements and dispersions on Hardwick's identity as a straight man., but he wasn't having it.

I don't think this so called fan wants to see Omari on the streets he's ready to scrap.

Opinion: Homophobia in 2020 is stoooooooooopid!


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