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Magazine Says Bella Hadid Prettier Than Beyonce

I just don't see it.

I have no problem acknowledging that I may be a little too old to stan for any one singer or actor. However sometime you come across stories so irking that you have to dust off your superhero outfit and go "caping" for your fave.

Don't get me wrong, Bella Hadid is gorgeous and I won't even say that it comes down to a western standards of beauty thing. I think it just comes down to what kind of beauty you value. Beyonce has for the most part been very minimal when it comes to make-up and plastic surgeries where Bella seems to follow more of a Kim Kardashian route. Here's what black twitter had to say on the subject.

A lot of people took exception to a fact that an alleged scientist was consulted to reach this conclusion.

Beyhive you can take it from here.


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