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RHOA Nene Calls Out Kenya Moore For Failed Marriage

But did she go too far?

According to the sources Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes had another epic showdown. Even though we can't see it now, rumor has it that Bravo cameras caught the entire thing.

48 year old Kenya recently announced a divorce from her husband of two years shortly after giving birth to her "miracle baby" . Brooklyn Daly.

Apparently Nene Leakes wanted to wait until the perfect time to shame Kenya about her bad luck. We wonder what her ex will do next? Remember last time Kenya lost a man?

Kenya Moore's Ex Allegedly Moves On With Trans-Rapper

Former real "housewives" star Matt Thompson is back!

While Kenya Moore is living her best life after marrying and giving birth to her first child; Matt is traveling the country getting his "buzz" back according to his instagram.

Foxx Jazzell is a rapper and model who's lately been reinventing herself as a facebook video blogger. On her blog she chronicles her dating experiences as a black trans woman. Someone in our offices referred to it as a " dark twisted version of Sex In The City.

In the latest installment Foxx Jazell announces that personal trainer and former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Matt Thompson is "dragging" her for not using her ride sharing app to pick him up.

In the heated exchange with who is assumed to be Thompson on speaker phone. Foxx Jazell lobs a number of insults at the reality star.



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