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Influencer Tai Couture Commits Suicide

Originally Posted: 11/01/2019

A picture perfect facade masks a world of pain.

Friends and family of Tai Couture (Tyree Williams) are mourning the sudden death of the popular you-tuber, underwear designer & hair stylist. We first learned of Couture’s passing in a heartfelt post from an instagram friend. (Not Featured)

According to early reports, Tai passed away after taking his own life. While we may never have the answers as to why he made his decision, he will hopefully help to shed light on depression and perhaps it’s relation to social media. A lot of people don’t consider the extreme pressure influencers like Tai may feel to be perfect.

This is of course by no means a reflection of Tai as it is on the society that we‘ve created. As a community we must do a better job at checking on our friends. Hopefully, we can learn to look beneath the surface and heal one another.

Editor’s Note: This post has been viewed over 20,000 times. Although the majority of the response has been thought provoking and reflective we’ve noted some negative feedback regarding the photo cover choice. We decided to depict Tai as the fitness oriented & sex and body positive influencer that he was.


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