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Trump Vs. Pence Round 1

It's clear that if the President goes down, he's taking everyone with him

If you are unsure why moderate democrats and more republicans are beginning to support impeachment, when they weren't willing to do it for Trump's previous scandals, I recommend watching the video below.

A recent article from The Atlantic shows all the ways that President Trump and VP Pence may be on a collision course. In a news conference last week, Trump voluntarily dragged his vice president into the Ukraine mess by suggesting that people should look into the calls Pence had made to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

You almost set you clock to the fact that whenever Trump and most republicans find themselves in trouble they point the finger at some one else. The most popular defense from republicans is there was no "quid pro quo"

What is a quid pro quo?

The assertion by many of the president's supporter that there wasn't a quid pro quo is false. Whenever anybody asks for a favor in exchange for something else, it's a quid pro quo. Our friends at Grammarly sum it up pretty well.

Are some offenses worse than being illegal?

Another central point of republican defense is that while the President's conduct may not be morally right it is not illegal. First, let's be real. Laws were meant to govern people like you and I not the President of the United States. When the president misuses his power's that is something worse than illegal.


If Trump is going to use the power or the Presidency to win the Presidency, then how will he ever leave?

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