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Here's What Macy Gray Said That Offended The Trans Community

Is there a more constructive conversation to be had?

During a discussion of trans athletes with former CNN anchor Piers Morgan singer-songwriter, Macy Gray is being accused of transphobia. At about 5:57 seconds into the interview she goes left:

"I will say this and everyone's gonna hate me but as a woman, just because you go change your (body) parts, doesn't make you a woman, sorry," Gray said after Morgan brought up the issue of trans athletes in sports.

It would appear based on those comments that Gray is part of or at least sympathetic to the TERF movement. TERF stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Many people first learned about the movement when comedian David Chappelle shouted the group out in a Netflix comedy special.

As trans people agitate for more representation and opportunities in the broader society, many traditional cohorts of the feminist and gay rights movements are expressing interest in distancing themselves from the transgender rights movement.

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