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Guy Uses Grindr/Uber To Cheat Trans Rapper

Then weaponizes the court system against our favorite trans rapper.

Trans-rapper Foxjazell is no stranger to the pages of Icon City news. From her groundbreaking role as one of the first noted transsexual hip-hop artist, to the more recent Facebook live antics.

Jazell has documented a romantic tryst with Kenya’s Moore’s Ex Matt Thompson and a feud with fellow web influencer Cookie Tookie. She’s even received death threats from a Presidential candidate. With so much drama surrounding her; it’s nice to hear that she’s landed a break. Over the last few weeks the rapper has been locked in a legal battle with actor Darrius Hicks over an alleged harassment suit. Last week a judge ruled in Jazell's favor.


Video and legal documents obtained by Icon City News; indicate Hicks and Jazell are neighbors whose disputes originated over guys on popular gay dating site “Grindr”. Fox Jazell, and a guest on one of her Facebook live-streams allege that Hicks conspired with a friend to encourage men to contact and seduce Foxjazell online so she would send the guy an Uber. Once the Uber was secured the date would go to the neighbors house instead of going to Fox’s house. Despite this pre-existing dispute Foxjazell and Hicks went shopping together when according to Hick’s statement to police Foxjazell assaulted and threatened Hicks. Jazell was subsequently arrested and later released on bond. If convicted Foxx Jazell would have faced a substantial jail sentence.



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