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Foxxjazell Calls On Trans Women To Respect Female Identities

She says trans women need to accept "uncomfortable truth"

Everyone knows that former rapper and trans activist Foxxjazell's facebook live videos are a guilty pleasure of the writers here at Icon City.

Between her "Sissy Trainings" where she teaches old men how to be better at "cross dressing" and her romances with b list stars like Chingy and Real Housewives of Atlanta's Matt Thompson; Foxxjazell shares her political views.

Video: Foxxjazell Says Trans Women Are Not Female

Just recently she weighed in on the recent comments of Flame Monroe comments on the Breakfast Club that gay people can get along better with straights if they don't "force our lifestyles" on them.

Like Flame, Foxxjazell has some views that are out of the mainstream. In her latest rant she talks about her experience using the women's restroom while filming for Issae Rae's insecure. They told her she couldn't use the ladies restroom. She didn't take offense because:


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