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Firing Chris Matthews Was A Mistake

MSNBC needs to find some talent. Until then we're watching CNN.

Watching MSNBC anchor Steve Kornacki stumble through an episode of Hardball this morning made it clear that we are losing a titan of television.

Nothing against Steve who nearly ended the show in tears while offering a "eulogy" to Matthews illustrious career, but besides Nicole Wallace and Joy Ann Reid, MSNBC is kind short on rising stars.

Yes, Chris Matthews probably made some inappropriate comments but we have to start really doing the hard work in looking at individuals and their true intent. We're not saying he deserves a pass but we can't kick every old white man out of liberal politics because they are out of touch. Chris Matthew is no monster and it's unfortunate that some people will take his hasty departure as a reason to compare him to real sexual predators.

If your in the mood for a "call it like you see it" approach to media I suggest you join us over at CNN where another Chris (Cuomo) is holding it down.

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