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Fed Judge Rules Same-Sex Couples Can Be Listed On Birth Certificates

Raise a glass, then some kids.

A federal judge in Indiana ruled last week that same-sex couples can now both be listed on their children's birth certificates.

It took the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of appeals 32 months to reach this decision after a lower court had already reached similar findings.

Unfortunately the court dispute that led to this legal win for LGBT couples everywhere is rooted in tragedy. An indianan gay couple gave birth using a sperm donor; due to complications in labor the children died shortly after being born.

It was at that time that they were informed by the hospital staff that only the parent who carried the twins would be listed on the birth certificate, but that both parents could be listed on the death certificate instead. This was obviously very insulting and led the parents to seek legal action.

During the time in front of the judges in Indiana, federal courts around the country ruled in favor of same-sex couples in similar birth certificate cases. It stands to reason that this issue could head for the supreme court if interested parties decide to pursue the issue further.


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