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Is Georgia Ready For A Black Gay Senator?

We were surprised they never had one before.

Atlanta is not only the capital of Georgia. In the eyes of many the city is seen as the capital of black life in the United States or at least black gay life. That's why it's surprising that 2020 the peach state may see its first black gay state senator.

In fact, only 4 individuals from the LGBT community at large have served in Georgia's legislature none of which have been in the state's senate. Rashad Taylor (pictured below) the only black gay male to serve in the Georgian legislature was outed after already taking office. That is why the candidacy of community activist Devin Barrington Ward has to potential to be historic.

Although this will be his first time running for office Ward has been working as a political operative for the last 12 years. As founder of The Black Futurist Group Ward has been busy implementing trauma informed advocacy training in conjunction with the University of Houston and the Compass Initiative.

Before Ward steps foot into the state legislature he'll have to win a primary against longtime senator Horacena Tate and whomever the Republicans put up there.

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