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Da Brat and Wife First Gay Couple On Essence Cover

It's a new day for the funkdafied rapper.

Platinum-selling female rapper Da Brat and beauty industry mogul BB Judy recently made history as the first same-gender couple to grace the cover of Essence magazine. The couple was recently wedded last month on 2/22/2022 which capped decades-long speculation over the rapper's sexuality.

Although Da Brat (born Shantae Harris) made history over 20 years ago as the first female rapper to go platinum or to sell 1,000,000 copies, she's not rested on her laurels as she's parlayed that earlier success into a career in radio broadcasting. Her other half BB Judy (born Judy Dupart) is no slouch either with her Kaleidoscope line oh hair products.

Essence's choice to include the couple on their March cover is not only historical but a sign of conservative black culture's growing comfort level with LGBT people.


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