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"Rhythm & Hues" – An Ode to the Fabric of Our Legacy

Join us as we herald Black History Month with an unprecedented fashion showcase that is set to adorn the captivating Meyerman Garden at the Palm Springs Art Museum. As the proud media sponsor, Icon City News is delighted to spotlight "Rhythm & Hues," a celebration hosted by the museum, emblazoned with the culture and creativity of the black and gay community, cannabis aficionados, and independent creatives and entrepreneurs alike.

Venture into the lush Meyerman Garden, where we will immerse ourselves in the verdant embrace of black heritage through the mesmerizing medium of fashion. "Rhythm & Hues" brings to the forefront the artistic prowess of local fashion luminary Aneka Brown, who exquisitely combines modern African aesthetics and luxurious jewel tones in her designs.

Attendees will be swayed by the sultry jazz of Wayne Cobham, while their palates are tantalized by the gastronomic creations of chefs Betty Berrysmith and Amber Evans. Moreover, we are excited to share that Anye Elite will strut the catwalk, showcasing the very fabric of our news platform's ethos.

Here at Icon City News, our mission resonates deeply with events like "Rhythm & Hues." Born from the vision of community activist and musical artist Aigner "Anye Elite" Ellis, our platform upholds the motto, "Our news matters," and is driven by the commitment to elevating voices and stories from underrepresented communities.

Tickets to "Rhythm & Hues" are free and available on the art museum website. If previous Aneeka Brown Designs event are any indicator the evening is sure to be full of local luminaries and colorful fashion.

From its inception as—a lifestyle brand—to its evolution into the robust media organization it is today, Icon City News stands as a testament to Elite's dedication to expanding the narrative beyond personal achievements. Born amidst the challenges of 2020, our platform aims to bridge the divide with content that celebrates diversity and reinforces unity.

As a media sponsor, Icon City News is honored to associate with this impactful event, aligning our core values with the Palm Springs Art Museum's vision. While we amplify the news and content that matter most—ranging from minority-produced entertainment on "Rushed Recaps" to the latest in cannabis culture and music events on, and highlighting urban LGBT stories through #FunnyMoneyRock—our partnership with "Rhythm & Hues" further solidifies our dedication to community-centric reporting and support.

For updates on this elegant affair and for more engaging content, don't miss “The Commentary” by Anye Elite, delivering insightful commentary on topics that weave together black and queer culture, cannabis usage, and the world of independent artistry and entrepreneurship. Tune in to the show available on podcast, YouTube, and at for perspectives that truly resonate.


In every stitch and hue, we find the stories that bind us; at Icon City News, those stories take the center stage.


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