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420: Legion Of Bloom "Monarch" Product Review (21+)

They say it's like the real thing, but is it?

On the latest edition of Smoke and Sound, Anye Elite review "The Monarch" vape cartridges from Legion Of Bloom. Check it out below:

By blending pure THC oil derived from their naturally grown cannabis with single-source cannabis-derived terpenes, they've created a vape pen that refines the cannabis experience to its purest essence.

Terpenes are the molecules that give marijuana its taste and smell, but they're also responsible for the unique experience that different strains offer. By sourcing all of the terpenes for the Monarch from strain-specific cannabis, Legion of Bloom was able to capture the taste, smell, and feel of smoking your favorite strains in a pure concentrated vapor.

The Monarch cartridges feature a stainless steel and glass construction with a ceramic heating element and ceramic mouth tip for a better tasting vape experience. The Monarch, for discerning smokers who want the pure, essence of cannabis in a discrete easy to use offering.

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