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Don Lemon Calls Jussie Smollett Everyday

CNN anchor Don Lemon kept it 100% when he sat down for Jada Pinket Smith's Red Table show on facebook. On it he talked about how he calls Jussie Smollet everyday and, dished on his experiences as a black gay man

Last month Empire star Jussie Smollett was attacked by Donald Trump supporters in Chicago. After an initial wave of support; some are taking to social media to express skepticism at the singer's claims.

There are number of conspiracy theories floating around out there. Many of them circle around Jussie's love life. Comedian and internet web host "TJ The Chicago Kid" took to twitter to pen a long tirade accusing the Smollett of being lured out onto the streets of Chicago by predators on a gay dating site like Grindr or Jack'd.

Although TJ doesn't appear to know Jussie or have any insider information on the ongoing investigation. He believe his status as a Chicago native gives him expertise to weigh in. Supporters of Jussie Smollett were quick to deem the Chicago kids's speculation harsh and inaccurate. Still other's began offering theories of their own. Allegedly another Chicago native Milan Christopher is also skeptical. Milan's input is notable as both he and Smollett are black openly gay personalities. Below is a clip of an alleged post by Milan.

Maybe these guys are upset about their city getting a bad rap? Maybe they're just haters. Is it at all possible that might be on to something? Even if they are does it make any difference?

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