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Why Antron Reshaud Will Never Be Forgotten

A black gay narrative, that shouldn't be overlooked.

Antron Reshaud was one of the first faces to greet me when I first moved to Atlanta, Ga more than 10 years ago. I can't even believe that much time has passed. As queer artists, he and I immediately developed a bond. I created the tribute for him below shortly after his passing, but here we are two years later and I miss him more than ever.

Antron-Reshaud Olukayode, who died Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017. Antron was a self-described "artivist," spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Let's Stop HIV Together" campaign, and writer of the blog With Love ATL.

People across the world are mourning the loss of an Atlanta icon. Although his life was tragically short Antron Reshaud left an undeniable mark on the indie queer arts scene.

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