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Now Playing: Tramaine Deshawn and Victor Simmons On #FMR

Meet the Palm Springs celeb-stylist and the "Love, Sex, and Marriage Actor"

#FunnyMoneyRock is back on a new day at a new time with two new guests and the original panel of course. Anye Elite, Jr. Stacks were joined by actor Tramaine Deshawn and stylist/musical artist Vincent Simmons aka King of The Crown.

Vincent Simmons is a celebrity stylist from Palm Springs California. Recently he's expanded into music with his latest single elevate and a string of high-end magazine features.

Tramaine Deshawn is an actor whose latest project "Love, Sex and Marriage" is airing on

The panel even weighed in on the latest feud between Raz B/J-Boog and transgender activist Zaya Wade, and more.

Watch below:


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