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Unarmed Black Gay Man Shot By Police

Why is the mainstream media glossing over his sexuality?

If you are at all interested in following the epidemic of police violence directed at African-Americans and other people of color in the United States, then you've likely already heard the story of a Virginia man who was shot by a local police officer while on the phone with 911. Over two weeks after the incident Brown is still in critical condition fighting for his life.

With the exception of a few queer-led publications like The Advocate, Pink News, and Washington Blade; mainstream publications like CNN and NBC have left that fact out. The #FunnyMoneryRock panels discussed the possible reasons for this oversight below:

Regular contributor and #FunnyMoneyRock department director Junior Stacks thinks that homophobia could be partly responsible and that it is time to rethink the myth that being gay can exclude you from falling victim to police violence.

Guest Panelist, Warren So Fine suggest that they are trying to keep LGBT activist and others who would be more supportive of a queer victim from getting involved in the case.

What do you think? Should Isaiah Brown's sexuality be acknowledged or is it irrelevant?


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