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TV Stars Come Out Against The Bachelor

From Wendy Williams to Kelly Ripa there's a rumbling.

We have to face it; we're living in some strange times. Although we are forced to relive past battles for equality. Some ladies have no patience for the old narratives on how men and women connect.

It all started when Kelly Ripa took to her show to express her displeasure with the Bachelor's premise of having women fight each other over a man. The comments received additional press coverage as they were made a day before the current Bachelor star was scheduled to appear on Ripa's show.

Once creators of the show got wind of Ripa's remarks they tried to clap back with a tweet about the Bachelor's success paying for Ripa's salary. That didn't go over well with one big name over at ABC. Ellen Pompeo also know as the Grey in Grey's Anatomy laid the smack down in a single tweet:

While covering the story on her own daytime tv show Wendy Williams was a little more nuanced about her thoughts on the show. We suspect that she has a special arrangement with the show's creator as she reports on it regularly while at the same time reminding viewers that she doesn't watch the show.

All together these strong media mavens represent a shift in feminist themes making it into the most politically neutral part of daytime and primetime tv. It still remains to be seen when and if their loyal audience will abandon the questionable franchise?


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