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TS Madison Weighs In On Laverne Cox Attack

Some of us were further triggered.

Violence against transwomen is a silent pandemic that rarely gets the press coverage it deserves. Furthermore, it doesn’t discriminate between celebrities and regular folks as “Orange Is The Next Black” star Laverne Cox shared on a recent Instagram Live.

On this week’s episode of #FunnyMoneyRockLive, the hosts react to Laverne’s attack in Los Angeles and fellow trans influencer TS Madison’s take on the incident. Watch below:

In Cox’s video, she describes how a walk with a friend at Los Angele’s grant park. Although she says she’s experienced similar encounters all her life the scenario had clearly left her shaken. According to Cox she and a friend were confronted by a man after he asked whether Cox was a “woman or man”. Cox’s friend and the aggressor then engage in a brief physical altercation.

When TS Madison weighs in it is to assert that if Cox was a different kind of person the headlines of her attack would be different. Some are wondering if Madison was suggesting that victims who aren’t comfortable with violence are “ upper echelon” and somehow responsible for their own attacks

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