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Tramaine Dashawn Hits Hard with Scorpio Pluto

Yo, Icon City family! Pull up and vibe as we give it up for the one and only Tramaine Dashawn. Our bro just dropped his latest masterpiece, "Scorpio Pluto," and it’s straight fire! Before you even think about skipping a beat, slide over to Soundclick and treat your ears to this exclusive goldmine.

Tramaine Keeps Winning with Scorpio Pluto 🏆✨

Man, "Scorpio Pluto" ain't just another mixtape; it's an anthem of triumph, slick with over 8 tracks you’re gonna have on repeat. Tramaine’s ripping up them beats with pure soul, and if you ain't heard "No Sleep" or "Winner Take All," best believe you’re missing out on some realness. We're talking vibrations that hit deep and leave you wanting more.

But hold up, it’s not just about the music. It’s about connection. You see that pic of us? That's real love, legacy, and what family's all about. We lost our pops last year—a man ahead of his time, teaching us life way beyond the conventional. It's got us wondering, how many of y'all still got those beautiful, out-of-the-box family vibes going strong?

A Project with Purpose 🌟

Tramaine ain't just pushing beats; he's painting pictures with his words. "Scorpio Pluto" goes out there, y’all. It speaks volumes in a way only he could, cutting across lines to resonate with anybody who’s listening. And that’s the raw beauty of it. Anye Elite said it best, "Tramaine Dashawn's Scorpio Pluto is not just music; it's a testament to resilience and creativity.”

We at Icon City News – where our news matters – gotta salute him for this work of art that’s setting the pace for what's hot. You know wherever we sense that creative spark aiming to flip the script, we're front and center bringing it to you, 'cause that's just how we roll.

Join the Movement

Now, for the reel talk on the next episode of “The Commentary,” Anye Elite’s got the mic and he’s ready to hear your stories. We're going all in on family dynamics. Do people have gay parents, or is that wave on a fade-out? Chime in, Icon City fam, 'cause this conversation is lit, and your voice counts.

And remember, when Tramaine drops anything, we got that exclusive pass waiting for you all up on Soundclick. Support your own, keep the love coming for "Scorpio Pluto", and never forget – we're just getting warmed up.

Mad props to Tramaine Dashawn! Keep slaying in your lane, and leading the movement with your art. 🎶💥 #ScorpioPluto #IconCity #SoundclickExclusive


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