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This Is The Joe Biden We've Been Waiting For

Why he needed to go there on the breakfast club.

Joe Biden did what he needed to this week on the Breakfast Club and that was to get people talking to him. Thanks to the coronavirus the presumptive democratic nominee for President of the United States has been forced to campaign, promote endorsements and combat sexual abuse allegations from his basement in Wilmington, DE.

All the while, the current occupant of the White House is enjoying nearly ubiquitous presence touring battleground states and holding almost daily press briefings under the guise of managing the pandemic.

So when Joe told Breakfast Club "shock jock" Charlemagne the God that black people considering supporting Trump weren't black he injected himself black twitter's conversation. Up until now Biden's only relevance to the community was who he was going to choose as his running mate.

The former vice-president won the nomination over the most diverse field of candidates in American history because Democrats wanted to match Trump's old white man with someone equally old, white and male; the lack of political correctness comes with the territory.

As a matter of fact, if I didn't view race as a social construct; I too might ask if a black Trump supporter was truly black.

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