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Sony Playstation 5 Reveal Is A Hit!

Over half a million views but still no pricing.

People looking for a way to escape the doom and gloom of 2020 may find some hope in the release of Sony’s latest game console the Playstation 5. On Thursday fans were treated to a 3-hour demo of the new hardware and some of the new games coming with it.

The web event kicked off on Youtube with a look back at Playstation’s long history in the video game industry. It’s hard to really believe that the console first debuted over 25 years ago. Where has the time gone?

Trending on twitter in multiple cities, the release seems to be a success. Perhaps no title excited fans as much as the announcement of a new Grand Theft Auto or GTA as it’s commonly referred to.

How Much Is The PS5?

According to people who follow these kinds of things, they’re expecting to come in at a cool $499. At the time of this writing, the stream is still active and no pricing has been confirmed.


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