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Gay Comedian Exposes Milan Christopher's Fraudulent Behavior

Claims to have receipts.

Award winning comedian Sampson Mccormick took to Facebook live to respond to attacks by former Love and Hip-Hop star Milan Christopher. Apparently Milan has been posting and deleting tweets like the one below, one even went as far to attack Sampson's mom. Too far?

Sampsons's response:

First Published: 09/17/19

Gaylebrities was a term I first heard coined by media mogul Dwight Allen O'Neal at a party in NYC. They are typically not your corporate-financed tokens that wait until the contracts dry before they come out. It's a tight group of artists who generally support each other's work that's why it's tough when there's division among the ranks.

Comedian Sampson McCormick (pictured above left) had some choice words for "Love and Hip-Hop" reality star Milan Christopher. The read was succinct and severe. Judge for yourself.

As you can see no punches were pulled. In all transparency Sampson is a friend of Icon City, but we call it like we see it. We didn't necessarily think these guys were the best duo considering how far apart they were on the Jussie Smollett scandal.

Black gay men need to stick together. So we hope these guys mend fences in the future. How about we don't throw anyone away. If it came down to it are you #teammilan or #teamsampson?

Updated: We reached out to Milan Christopher for comment, none was received by press time. Meanwhile Sampson is up and added:


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