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#RHODUBAI Episode 1 Recap

Meet The Housewives:

Like any other housewives' launch, the first episode was largely dedicated to introducing the new cast. Check out our first impressions below:


Chanel Ayan

Ayan is the supermodel supreme of the cast. As the first black supermodel in Dubai she like the rest of the women make no apologies for her accomplishments. Prior to modeling, Ayan lived in poverty-stricken Sudan. If we had to compare her to a housewife on a different cast we're going to say she's holding down the Teresa Giudice/Nene Leakes lane.

Caroline Stanbury

You might remember Caroline from another reality series, Ladies of London. While some might want to dismiss her as a Kim Zolciak-type cast member, we believe that she capable of not only bringing the drama but maintaining relationships with the cast. Her new husband Sergio (pictured above) is almost half her age.

Nina Ali

Based on episode 1, Nina seems like the glue that holds the social group together. In my Latto voice "it's givin" Cynthia Bailey vibes. One of the casts two native islamic speakers is family first.

Caroline Brooks

The Boston native moved to Dubai with her ex-husband. As a single mother who allegedly received nothing in her latest divorce it inspiring how she was able to turn a real estate career into a new life.

Dr. Sara Al Madani

Although she wasn't a large part of the show we did get to meet the "traditional Muslim wife" and learn a bit about her home life.

Lesa Milan

Our favorite has to be Lesa Milan (although Caroline Brooks comes in a close second.) Her beautiful family is goals and her maternity business seems to have earned her the honor of being the richest housewife in Dubai.

Now For The Gag and Tea:

Brooks and Chanel are shaping up to be the oil and vinegar of the season. Lessa Milan may be #teamchanel but the editorial staff here at Icon City News really, really, really like Caroline Brooks.

All the ladies (except for Chanel Ayan) get together for Caroline's "hen night" aka bachelorette party. The groom, Sergio is also along for the ride on a medium-sized yacht. It's interesting to see how Dubai's elite get around the limits and laws regarding sex and alcohol. Like they say in Dubai "what happens in the ocean stays in the ocean".

Later on, we catch up with Nina and Sara

It all wraps up with the group gathering at Nina Ali's baby shower where some of the ladies meet Sara for the first time. Ayan in true Nene/Teresa style argues with almost everyone at the table starting with Caroline.

Ayan gets upset that the ladies spend so much time talking about an event that she wasn't at. However, as we mentioned above, the boat wasn't that big.

Ayan might be bringing the villain energy but Brooks doesn't seem likely to let her off the hook. It's safe to say we think the show has the potential to be a hit.

Who do you think had the strongest tag line for their intro? Check them out below and sound off in the comment section.

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