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Racist Priest Roger Labonte Harasses Black Gay LA County Poll Worker

How the LA County Registrar is enabling his behavior.

Over the last few days, one of our Icon City contributors worked as a poll worker for the 2020 presidential election.

At the St. Elmo's Village voting center our contributor and numerous other poll workers have been subjected to racist remarks and other forms of discrimination from Koreatown priest Roger LaBonte.

Gross Negligence With Ballot Chain Of Custody

In addition to racially insensitive jokes about "all black people looking alike" Labonte whom LA County Registrar officials appointed as a team leader, has proven wildly incompetent in his duties unable to properly secure ballots under LA County's new VSAP (Voting Solution For All People). Below is an image of an unsecured ballot box in the vote center.

When we attempted to file a complaint with the poll-worker services hotline refused to perform an investigation.

Fetishizing Black Men & Defending Pedophile Priest

In an article with L.A. Times when given the opportunity to condemn the sex scandal of a fellow priest in his parish he instead complained about not being able to "pick up and squeeze" the little children.

In addition to attempting to bribe our poll worker; La Bonte regularly makes a habit of strolling the streets of Koreatown and offering money in exchange for the company of black gay men.

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