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One Of These Women Is Traditionally Black

But apparently in 2019, it's anybody's game.

Kim Kardashian and her family have made a career by associating with black culture. In fact before her rise to fame, her family name became prominent after being associated with the O.J Simpson trial. Whether that or not is a good thing will always be a source of debate.

That debate erupted again when Insecure actress and new "The Real" co-host Amanda Seales took to social media to criticize a recent photo taken by Kardashian. (pictured in the center of the cover photo above)

Check out Amanda's take below:

The entire debate reminds us of the time when Rachel Dolezal, a biologically white woman was publicly excoriated for passing as a black woman for years, even ascending to a leadership position within the NAACP.

Before you begin citing the differences between the ultra wealthy Kardashian-West and the more modest Dolezal who's main source of income is braiding hair; let's examine their similarities. Both women have given birth to African-American children and dedicated themselves in some part to civil rights. The both also have frequently drawn the ire of people who were born as black females in the United States.

Seales' points are well taken. Instead of attacking Kim, most of her commentary revolves around taking the black community to task for not being better stewards of their illustrious culture.

Conversations like this are necessary. As more people seek the freedom to choose their personal identities we must speak about the affects that this can have on people who already occupy these identities. I believe that goes not only for races and cultures, but also genders and religions.

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