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Gay Football Is Having A Moment

A few months ago we began researching openly gay athletes for a "Baller Alert" profile on the sexiest LGBT players. That in turn introduced us to a number of non-profit leagues with the sole purpose of promoting a safe and inclusive sporting environment. Of course we knew of the infamous soft ball leagues (like "a league of their own"). We just weren't prepared for the variety that exists for gays who want to play sports.

The National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) is one of those organizations. Led by Thurmon Williams, the NGBA is funded by memberships and sponsorships. The league contains teams from New York City to Los Angeles and, a lot of places in between.

As part of our new Icon City Sports division we've already identified some favorites like the Philadelphia Revolution and Los Angeles Express. Still, Shaun Curtis (pictured below) from the NY Warrior Black is also a star in the making.

Visit for more information on the National Gay Flag Football League. Check out for the latest in inclusive urban athletics.


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