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Why Does Milan Christopher Hate On Other Gays So Much?

First Jussie Smollett, then Sampson McCormick now James Charles.

When we saw the post below from openly gay comedian Sampson McCormick we thought he was rehashing their 2019 beef. Instead we learned that Milan is up to his usual habit tearing down other successful gay men.

This time he's taking aim at popular beauty influencer James Charles because Seventeen magazine ran an article saying that the "internet wanted" James to be the first gay star of ABC's bachelor.

Milan's unsolicited response to a fellow gay 15 years younger than him dripped of jealousy.

"Actually they want me to be the first gay bachelor not this damn clown they ya'll love to promote cuz he does girls make up!"

If I didn't know any better I'd think that he and Pastor Troy, who also took to social media to insult a younger, more poppington individual, may be attending the same church.

We're going to pray for Milan because he's obviously dealing with something. #stayinyourstruggleboo

Correction: Sampson McCormick's tweet was in response to comments made by Milan on a recent youtube live video.

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