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Here's Where Madonna's Tribute To George Floyd Went Left

She might have set back mixed-race adoptions.

The subtitle was a joke, but seriously Madonna took a massive L on Thursday evening when she shared a video of her son David Banda on Twitter dancing to Michael Jackson. There's nothing wrong with being a proud mama right?

Right. The problem is that she titled the video as a tribute to George Floyd, an innocent and unarmed man who was recently murdered by a Minneapolis cop who knelt on Floyds's neck until he was unconscious.

Between the global pandemic and the boiling race relations people wherein no mood to celebrate Madonna's son. See some of the "draggation" below.

There are a couple of things that could have been done differently to convey a more meaningful statement.

  1. Get That Boy Some Black Friends!

People are honestly offended by the sheer corniness of the performance. It's hard to believe that an award-winning artist like Madonna thought this was actually a technically remarkable performance. We know that the UK has a vibrant hip-hop scene.

2. Link To An Organization or Relief Fund

Also, the Queen of Pop (sorry Mariah) could be a little less self-serving. We get it. You wanted to be relevant to what was going on and was like "Oh, I have a black son" but a simple link to the legal funds or to some real content would of went a long way.

She might have been being serious, but I think we can all agree that we needed the laugh.


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