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Louisiana Author Releases New Queer Novel

Community Spotlight

Urban fictional drama writer Jrayis Deyond, is hoping to blaze a new trail with his fresh, edgy, and raw series, Coming Full Circle.

Jrayis uses his stories of love, betrayal, and deception to educate and inspires others in the world to see the LGBTQ Community as a human race.

Coming Full circle is available for free on kindle and 6.99 as a paperback on title. Click the free preview button below to check it out.

Editor's Note: This is is a promotional post the views shared in the above mentioned book do not necessarily reflect the position of FunnyMoneyRock, Anye Elite, or any Icon City affiliate.

#FunnyMoneyRock is a content platform powered by Icon City Entertainment for urban lgbt news and related musical content and events.

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