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Kanye West Loses Jay-Z And Finds Jesus On New Album

Check out our track by track "Jesus Is King" review.

1. Every Hour (feat. Sunday Service Choir)

The first track "Every Hour" opens the album with the Sunday Service choir. The first thing that came to mind once the album started was fellow Chicago emcee Chance The Rapper. It is important to note that at this point it doesn't matter how much you like or dislike Mr. West his choir is in fact on point!

2. Seyah

This is the first track we hear Kanye's voice. The church organs and choir is still here. As an old "church punk" aka a religious black gay male; the interpolation of the old gospel standard "He Is Wonderful" is taking me back.

Favorite Bar:

"They say the week begins on Monday but the strong start on Sunday."

3. Follow God

On this track Mr. West details a conversation with his dad. Whom he's been building a closer relationship with since the death of his mother in 2007

This is the banger right here. The album is out of sweeping intro mode and looking for radio and club play now.

4. Closed on Sundays

Leave it to Kanye to make a song with Chick-Fil-A. He really is delivert! Sorry, Jesus you have to share billing with a chicken sandwich.

5. On God

Another uptempo track. At this point I'm experiencing a paradigm shift. Kanye West is going to be ok, he just going through.

Notable Lyrics:

He the new commander and the chief. (Shouting out Trump are we?)

6. Everything We Need (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Ant Clemons)

Did someone from the Migos write on this? Cause they swag is being hella employed. I'm gonna to give them credit here now. Kudos Kanye for being a good executive and not only relying on his producing and songwriting abilities.


7. Water (feat. Ant Clemons)

If you are into cannabis this is a perfect time to check your THC level. No pun intended but "Water" is hella wavy.

8. God Is

9. Hands On (feat. Fred Hammond)

Calling all emo kids! Fred Hammond might wanna do an album in this style. I'd listen to it.

10. Use This Gospel (feat Clipse & Kenny G)

Ya'll remember Clipse? Despite announcing that the band was done in 2014. The dynamic duo of Malice and Pusha T reunite on this lyrically focused track. Kenny G even slides through in the middle. It's kind dawning on me that I could listen to this joint with my moms.

11. Jesus Is Lord

Now we're back to the vibe of the beginning of the album. A short and sweet exit. You've just been to church, all that's missing is the collection plate.

What do you think the next single should be?


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