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January 2020 Networking Moments (L.A)

Let's link up fam!

Dear Icon City L.A,

If you haven't heard it from us yet; Happy New Years! In 2020 we want more love, more creativity, and more community!

That's why Rob and I are sharing our social calendar with you. There are only two events listed so far but we will be updating it every month. Wonder what Anye & Rob are doing no more lol!

But seriously, if you plan to come to one of the events below or just end up there randomly shoot us a text at 929-269-2693 so we can link up.

This Month:

1. 2020 LA Blade Best of LGBTQ LA Awards Party

Date: Thursday January 23, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: West Hollywood

Anye's Notes:

So there's no cover and it's an early after work drink. It might be a good place to talk a little business but not too much!