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Jacen Zhu Says Many White Gay Men Aren't Good People

Then why does he?

An interview with adult actor Jacen Zhu just went live on Queerty and boy did he let loose.

The self identified "sex-worker" opens up about how pay-per-view sites like Only Fans have changed his life and what's its been like living with HIV for half of his life.

Despite testing HIV-positive at age 16, Jacen Zhu maintains that he's never lost a job due do his status.

In a discussion about his partner he shared a pretty brash assessment of gay white men.

"He does not find other white guys attractive. And typically, you know, many gay white men are not the best humans. So, for him, it’s not a fetish as much as he wants to love and be with a certain kind of person"

He even goes on to discuss the increasing prevalence of Meth in the black gay community. You can check out the entire article at, kudos to Jacen for the courage to tell his story.


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